Do you need professional help in lodging tax return for yourself and your small business? Tax accountants and tax agents in Brisbane are professionals who can do the daunting task in easy way. Each year, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires you to file your taxes on time. By hiring the right accountant,you can do this easily. According to the recent ATO statistics, 74% of people who lodge the tax return choose to use an accountant or tax agent. In the initial stage you need to find a reliable and expert accountant. Firstly, you should look your necessary requirements. This will make sure that you hire the best accountant and tax agent who ideally suits the bill. You should prefer only a professional tax accountant who is well-known with the rules and regulations of the ATO. He should have the right instruction and should take the knowledge for producing correct tax return. You can start your explore by searching a local qualified accountant. You can even get recommendation from friends. Discovering the right accountant takes a quality time. This is because you require taking various factors into deliberation. Some accountants do concentrate in some specific areas, so if you are looking for some kind of special requires, then you should consider looking into the specialty or expertise of a tax accountant. Make sure that you ask the organisation he is into and the amount of experience he has in this line. Inquiring about the association is very important since tax accountants must strictly follow the principle and ethical guideline. You should also know who will be liable for preparing the tax returns. A very hectic accountant may provide away your documents to a person who is less skilled.They might charge a good percentage of tax refunds as his fee. It is imperative that you review your tax returns before your tax agent files them. If you devote your quality time and effort, absolutely you will be capable to find the right person who will get your job done in right manner.